Windschutz aus Glaus und AluminiumWindschutz aus Glaus und AluminiumWindschutz - glattes und mattiertes Glas


Cutting-edge materials, exceptional workmanship

See and be seen – the combination of glass and aluminum in this windbreak adorns your patio with transparency and style.

As there are no gaps between the glass and posts, your guests are well protected against wind, noise and exhaust fumes. Windbreak elements by ZaunWelt also provide maximum safety for children.


Versatile, fast and individual

We always have standardized BK windbreak elements in stock, and the short-term production of customized units poses no problems.

If required, final installation of your outdoor area can be completed within ten business days following pre-installation. You can enhance your patio in no time at all and without subjecting your customers to a long construction period.


An eye for detail

The posts are made of weatherproof, wood-look aluminum and the panes are of tempered glass. ZaunWelt windbreak elements offer top quality and retain their beauty throughout their product life.

There are no visible screws or seams, thus reducing the risk of vandalism. Doors are also available with a push bar.

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